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About Destined for DFIRMs

This page shows those areas where the Illinois State Water Survey's CHAMP team is either performing engineering studies, collecting information, or incorporating new engineering data submitted by others as Physical Map Revisions (PMRs) to the Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMS), as well as other publicly funded studies. The web map can be a tool to guide those seeking Letters of Map Revision (LOMRs) through MT-2 form submission. If there are LOMR studies or other flood hazard studies ongoing in or near the identified streams on our application, please contact our staff to verify precise locations to avoid redundancy.

At this time, we cannot display an individual study's progress, but inquires can be made to our staff regarding timelines. Once fully approved, these studies will be incorporated into the Federal Emergency Management Agency's effective Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps, and removed from this map application.

Criteria for our displayed studies

  • Must have a finalized contract for work
  • Publicly funded
  • Submitted voluntarily

Please note, this is not an entire list of the flood hazard studies being completed in Illinois. It is always best to contact local community officials to verify if other studies exist or are in progress. Also, engineering firms throughout the state may be preparing new flood hazard studies for private or public concerns.