Risk MAP

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has initiated the Risk Mapping Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP) program. The vision for Risk MAP is :Through collaboration with State, Local, and Tribal entities, Risk MAP will deliver quality data that increases public awareness and leads to action that reduces risk to life and property.

Outreach to communities is an essential element for Risk MAP success. There are several phases of outreach which is typically conducted at watershed level, using the boundaries of the Hydrologic Unit Code 8 basins. Information about a community's flood risk is vital for residents, community planners, officials, and other stakeholders to prepare for floods and prevent serious damages.

In the Discovery process, information is gathered to gain a more comprehensive understanding of risks, and stakeholders are encouraged to address this issue in their communities. Important data may include information on historical flooding, existing flood hazards, and mitigation efforts. In addition, state and tribal mitigation plans and plans from other communities are reviewed to document flood risk assessments and mitigation strategies already underway in the watershed.

Once the information is gathered, FEMA may determine that a flood risk project should be initiated. Data and information gathered during the Discovery process will be used to (1) identify technical assistance for hazard mitigation planning; (2) determine which flood risk products would be developed; and (3) plan a communication strategy to increase flood risk awareness among communities in the watershed.


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