Little Wabash River Watershed Discovery

As part of FEMA’s Flood Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP) program, the ISWS will be working with communities across the Little Wabash River Watershed to develop a more accurate understanding of their flood risk.

Two Phase I Discovery meetings for the Little Wabash River Watershed were held August 18, 2016; one in Effingham, Effingham County, and the second in Fairfield, Wayne County.

Discovery Materials

  • Meeting Presentations by ISWS and by FEMA.
  • Interactive Map (Does not work with Internet Explorer)

    • This interactive map allows Discovery comments to be entered directly into the Discovery database.
    • A password will have been provided with the Discovery meeting invitation; please contact if you need access but did not receive a meeting invitation.

Comparison Workmap Panel Selector (Click in purple box area, not on numbers)